Wayside Episodes

Genres: Animation
Episodes: 32 Episodes

Status: Finished
Airing Date: Jun 25, 2007

The Wayside series takes place at the fictional Wayside School, an unusual Escher-esque 30-story grammar school. The school had been accidentally built "sideways," with one classroom in each of the 30 stories instead of 30 classrooms on each floor. Like in the books, there are actually 29 floors in the school, one inhabited by the imaginary Miss Zarves on the imaginary 19th floor. The series revolves around a new student at the school, named Todd, and his adventures adapting to life as a student at the top floor of Wayside School.

At Wayside, every floor appears to have lockers, stairs, classrooms, doors, and light fixtures. The first floor contains the principal's office; the second floor contains a bathroom and several rows of lockers, while fifth, sixth, and seventh consist of the classroom for pottery, the school campgrounds, and the school library, respectively. The twelfth school contains the faculty lounge and pool,[1] while the following three floors contain the gym, the social studies classroom and gondola canal, and the cafeteria and kitchen.

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