Wan Jie Xian Zong Episodes

Alternative Titles:
The Great Cosby War
The Wonderland of Ten Thousands
Wanjie Xianzong
Genres: Action, Adventure, Demons, Fantasy, Historical, Martial Arts, Romance
Episodes: 323 Episodes

Status: Ongoing
Airing Date: Mar 21, 2018

This is a world where celestials & demons exist and in this world there are multiple sects & organizations and each has their respected master/leader. In this story the master of the Tianyuan Shenzong sect ascended to become a celestial and orders his young apprentice(our protagonist) to be the new master; even though he was not well accomplished. Will our protagonist Ye Xingyun be an effective leader, will he come to master his arts, and will he bring the Tianyuan Shenzong sect to glory?

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