UnderGrads Episodes

Genres: Comedy
Episodes: 13 Episodes

Status: Finished
Airing Date: Apr 01, 2001

The show is a life, featuring elements that are typical (if not archetypal) of many students college experiences. Many characters in the show represent common college (and literary) character types; including the everyman ( Nitz), the "frat boy" ( Rocko), the ladies' man ( Cal), the nerd ( Gimpy), the cool girl ( Jessie), and the ditz ( Kimmy). Situations featured also tend to be typical of the college experience, through the good times and (unlike many representations of college life in entertainment) the bad times. These situations include student loans, bad cafeteria food, questioning of identity, fraternity rivalries, odd traditions, unpleasant RAs, money problems, peer pressure, and the freshman fifteen. Interestingly, almost no episodes show the characters in class, the one notable exception being Rocko's ROTC class in "Financial Aid."

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