To Heart 2 ADnext Episodes

Alternative Titles:
トゥハート2 adnext
Related Anime:
To Heart 2
To Heart 2 AD
To Heart 2 AD Plus
Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance, School Life
Episodes: 2 Episodes

Status: Finished
Airing Date: Sep 23, 2010

Ep.1: Komaki Manaka daydreams about classmate Kono Takaaki but is too shy to talk to boys. As Takaaki-kun helps her in the library they resolve to have training sessions there, calling each other by first name. When Manaka addresses Takaaki-kun outside the library, his buddy Kosaka Yuji overhears them and tells their classmates how close these two have become, causing a surprising effect on other girls around Takaaki. Ep.2: Takashiro Yuuki was Takaaki's childhood friend. When her parents divorced she had to move and lost not only her friends but her last name. Learning about this, Takaaki offered her she can have his name and be Kouno Yuuki... Years later she returned to her hometown, now named Kusakabe Yuuki. Takaaki's personal maid robot Harumi-chan calls the boy her 'darling' and announces she will marry him; when Harumi learns about this childhood episode she considers Yuuki her rival - for what "you can have my name" must mean that Takaaki proposed to Yuuki back then...

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