The Skull Man Episodes

Alternative Titles:
スカルマン (Japanese)
Genres: Action, Mystery, Super Power
Episodes: 14 Episodes

Status: Finished
Airing Date: Apr 02, 2007

The journalist name Hayato Mikogami who returns to his hometown at Otomo to investigate strange rumors of killings done by a man wearing a skull mask. Tailed tightly by a young photographer, Kiriko Mamiya, the two soon uncovers the many strings of connections between the victims, a local pharmaeccutical company, a mysterious new religious sect and strange half human, half animal creatures which roams the night streets out for blood. (from wikipedia)

Based on the early 1970's manga that inspired the Kamen Rider series. The first Episode (or Episode 0 how some call it) was a live action special that serves as a prequel to the series.

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