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Genres: Action, Mystery, Police
Episodes: 2 Episodes

Status: Finished
Airing Date: Oct 24, 2008

Based on a shounen manga written by Saki Otoh, illustrated by Nakamura Tomomi and serialized in GFantasy.

Kai Eto's a wet-behind-the-ears rookie who just joined the Narcotics Control Division of the Tokyo Police. He looks cheerful and innocent enough, but Kai has a dark, violent alter ego. His new partner Hal Kurabayashi is much more street-smart and experienced. When this mismatched duo pair up to root out drug dealers, they find that they're not just searching for criminals, they're also competing with the local police to bust the bad guys first.

Now a new, highly addictive drug called "Dragon Speed" has hit the streets, and rumor has it that superstar actor Kyoya Shirai is addicted to "DS." Kai goes undercover as Kyoya's assistant to uncover the truth about Kyoya and figure out who's supplying him with Dragon Speed before his addiction claims his career and his life.

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