Super Mario World Episodes

Genres: Adventure, Fantasy, Kids
Episodes: 13 Episodes

Status: Finished
Airing Date: Sep 14, 1991

The show takes place in Dinosaur World where Yoshi lives with a preadolescent caveman named Oogtar. In addition, Yoshi's Island is populated with cavemen instead of Yoshis. Several names were changed from the game as well: Forest of Illusion was called Enchanted Forest, and Vanilla Dome was referred to as the Lava Pits.[1] Furthermore, enemies featured in the game were rarely called by their in-game names on the show, and Bowser was called King Koopa. He also had his all-green appearance from the first cartoon. Mario, Luigi and the Princess all retained their original NES designs as well: red and green overalls for Mario and Luigi, and red hair for the Princess. Another notable fact was that Luigi found Yoshi, and when he hatched Yoshi was small and was not born with his saddle, as revealed when Luigi told him the story of how Yoshi was born.

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