Spider-Man The New Animated Series Episodes

Alternative Titles:
MTV Spider-Man
Related Anime:
All things Spider-Man
Genres: Action, Adventure, Drama, Sci-Fi, Super Power
Episodes: 13 Episodes

Status: Finished
Airing Date: Jul 03, 2003

The story follows the events of the first Spider-Man film, as Norman Osborn is dead. Peter Parker, Mary Jane Watson, and Harry Osborn attend Empire State University. Peter and Mary Jane try to establish a relationship together though without success. At first it is because of Peter's superhero duties, but later it is because Peter begins dating Indira Daimonji. Meanwhile Harry craves revenge on Spider-Man, whom he blames for the death of his father. Peter faces the usual assortment of villains such as The Lizard, Kraven the Hunter, and Electro while trying to maintain a job and his studies. However, he faces two psychic twins that ruin everything in the wallcrawler's life, causing Peter to give up being Spider-Man and try to live a normal life.

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