Shuang Yue Zhi Cheng Episodes

Alternative Titles:
Twin Moons
Genres: Military, Sci-Fi
Episodes: 13 Episodes

Status: Finished

In the second calendar year of the Western calendar, in 2200, the two forces in the Earth Circle, "Xuanyue" and "Shangyue", ended the Cold War for more than 50 years. The "Bimonthly Peace Agreement" will soon be signed. However, in the mysterious colonial city Crescent City, Xuan Yue suddenly had a governor's alternation event, heralding the hidden secret behind what seemed to be hidden from all this. In the past few months, because of this series of changes, there have been new actions. Hyundai Branch of the Earth Renaissance Society, a paramilitary organization that has long-term cooperation with the Sumitomo Government, has received a special mission to steal confidential information from the "Hive" company. The city of Crescent Moon was caught in the center of the "storm" at night, and the fragile human civilization once again faced a huge crisis.

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