Project Itoh Episodes

Alternative Titles:
Shisha no Teikoku
Empire of Corpses
Gyakusatsu Kikan
Genocidal Organ
Genres: Psychological, Sci-Fi
Episodes: 3 Episodes

Status: Finished
Airing Date: Oct 02, 2015

Noitamina, a Fuji Television programming block devoted to anime, announced that they would be adapting three of Itoh's novels into animated feature films. All three films would be handled by different studios and directors. Genocidal Organ directed by Shuko Murase at Manglobe, Harmony co-directed by Takashi Nakamura and Michael Arias at Studio 4°C and The Empire of Corpses directed by Ryotaro Makihara at Wit Studio. All three films also feature theme songs by Egoist, designs by illustrator redjuice and were to be released in 2015.

Shisha no Teikoku (Empire of Corpses):
By the 19th century, humanity has cultivated technology enabling the reanimation of corpses. Unable to experience individual thoughts or emotions, the corpses are programmed by humans to act as laborers in various occupations.
This newfound technology, however, comes with a catch. Science may be able to restore the corpses' ability to move, yet it cannot return what every corpse loses at death: the soul. But Doctor Victor Frankenstein, who vanished shortly after his revolutionary work on corpse reanimation, is said to have revived the only corpse in possession of a soul.
In pursuit of this scientific knowledge, London medical student John Watson hopes to fulfill his promise to his late partner, Friday. After being scouted by a government agency, Watson is on a hunt to obtain Frankenstein's notes, which he believes hold the key to the secrets of the soul. During his search, Watson uncovers the harsh realities of the developing corpse technology and the price he must pay to advance his research.

In the future, Utopia has finally been achieved thanks to medical nanotechnology and a powerful ethic of social welfare and mutual consideration. This perfect world isn't that perfect though, and three young girls stand up to totalitarian kindness and super-medicine by attempting suicide via starvation. It doesn't work, but one of the girls—Tuan Kirie—grows up to be a member of the World Health Organization. As a crisis threatens the harmony of the new world, Tuan rediscovers another member of her suicide pact, and together they must help save the planet...from itself.

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