Ozmafia Episodes

Alternative Titles:
Genres: Comedy, Fantasy, Historical, Shoujo
Episodes: 12 Episodes

Status: Finished
Airing Date: Jul 07, 2016

Fūka is a girl who has lost her memories. While wandering the unfamiliar town she finds herself in, she realizes that she is being chased by someone. One of the mafia syndicates in town called the Oz Family saves her after she runs away in fear. In this town where friendship and conflict are two sides of the same coin, whose hand will Fūka take? And why does she have no memories...?
...Is the story of the original OZMAFIA!!, but since it doesn't fit into the format, it's been turned into a school story.

Having transferred into Oz Academy, Scarlet finds himself already in trouble. The three boys who save him in his time of need are named Caramia, Kyrie, and Axel.

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