Onmyou Taisenki Episodes

Alternative Titles:
陰陽大戦記 (Japanese)
陰陽大戰紀 (Chinese (Taiwan))
Genres: Action, Mythology
Episodes: 52 Episodes

Status: Finished
Airing Date: Sep 30, 2004

Riku Tachibana is a 12-year old Japanese boy who lives near Tokyo. Never having met his parents, he lives an ordinary life with his adoptive grandfather. His grandfather had taught him a series of strange hand movements, which Riku did not know the purpose of until the day his grandfather is attacked near his shrine. But it is not an ordinary attacker. The attacker is a Shikigami, strange monsters with human owners. Riku comes to the scene and that's where he first gets in contact with his Drive , the device he uses to call and make a 'contract' with Kogenta of the Byakko , his Shikigami and, from that day on, best friend. The Shikigami needs, for special attacks, a special series of Seal , one of which happens to be the strange hand movements Riku's grandfather always taught him. As Riku's grandfather decides to leave the house for a journey, the 10-year old boy Souma Asuka and the 10-year old girl Nazuna rent rooms in Riku's house. The 17-year old man, Masaomi, who teaches Riku the secrets of Onmyoudou , drops by eventually. The three of them have 'contracts' with Shikigami. The main events of Onmyou Taisenki anime are related to the menace of the Chi-ryū, a powerful Japanese financial group related to the Onmyoudou; attempting to open the four Taiten and freeing Utsuho, a boy who was born with the power to control yōkai , and had been imprisoned for thousands of years.

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