Massugu ni Ikou. Episodes

Alternative Titles:
Go forward
Let's Go Straight Ahead!
Let's Walk Straight
Massugu ni Ikou. (2004)
Massugu ni Ikou. 2nd Season
Genres: Comedy, Romance, Slice of Life
Episodes: 9 Episodes

Status: Finished
Airing Date: Aug 18, 2003

Massugu ni Ikou.:
A talking dog is a beautiful story that you should have dreamt of as a child. But if you have forgotten about it, this is a reminder of that fable story. This is the story of a dog that talks, but ordinary people cannot hear his voice.
The main character, Mametaro, is an adventurous crossbreed dog. He loves his owner, Iku-chan and his girlfriend Hanako-chan very much. However, he just cannot stand Iku-chan's friend, Akiyoshi.
During this story, which will be told from Mametaro's point of view, the warm days of spring are finally here. The school and the riverbank, which is actually just an ordinary neighborhood for people, seems like a mysterious world that extends infinitely to little Mametaro and his friends.

Massugu ni Ikou. 2nd Season:
Mametarou's life is as good as a dog's can get! With his loving owner Iku, precious girlfriend Hanako, and close network of neighborhood friends, adventure is always waiting around the corner. Yet in between his insecurities about his cross-breed status, a lovesick Iku, and rivals for Hanako's affection, Mametarou's world is a little more complicated than he'd like it to be. With various problems to solve along the way, Mametarou tries his best to be a good pet and, even more importantly, a good friend.

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