Jouran: The Princess of Snow and Blood Episodes

Alternative Titles:
Jouran: The Princess of Snow and Blood
(Commence jokes and puns about chicks during "that time of the month" *giggles*)
Genres: Action, Historical, Supernatural
Episodes: 5 Episodes

Status: Ongoing
Airing Date: Mar 30, 2021

Set in alternate history Japan in 1931 and the 64th year of the Meiji era, the Tokugawa shogunate was never abolished and Emperor Meiji was never restored to power. The anime will follow the activities of "Nue," an organization of shogunate executioners who enforce the government. The country has developed its own energy source, the "dragon vein," and has achieved a unique development in which science and the Edo period are mixed.

However, behind the glamorous city, the dissident organization Kuchinawa strives to overthrow the administration, while the Nue of the Tokugawa regime, who was entrusted with its extermination, are in conflict. Sawa Yukimura, whose family was killed when she was young, continues to search for Janome, the executioner of the Nue.

The year is 1931. Prince Tokugawa Yoshinobu is 94 years old and holds absolute control over Japan. Remnants of the Meiji era's culture can be seen around the city, but scientific technology and Japanese esoteric cosmology Onmyodo are also developing, exuding a sense of modernity. Yet lurking behind the glitz is Kuchinawa, a dissident group planning the assassination of the prince, and effectively the fall of the regime. Tasked to extinguish these dissidents is Nue, the government's secret executioner group. Yukimura Sawa, who works for this organization, suffered from an early age at the hands of the Kuchinawa boss. Her entire family was murdered and she dedicated her life to avenging their death.

*Editor's note*
This description is slapped together from 3 different "official" descriptions, 2 of which were edited from other "official" descriptions. The TL;DR I got from it is basically elitist twats going after after other elitist twats in a semi-modern, pseudo historical setting; with the motivations of the big bad and hero being world rule and vengeance. Not what anyone would refer to as a cute love story. LOL!!!

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