Iczer OVA (Complete) Episodes

Alternative Titles:
Fight!! Iczer-1
Tatakae!! Iczer-1 (Iczer-One)
Bouken! Iczer 3 (Iczer Reborn)
Iczer-Girl Iczelion (Sen-shoujo Iczelion)
Related Anime:
Tatakae!! Iczer-1 (Iczer-One)
Bouken! Iczer 3 (Iczer Reborn)
Iczer-Girl Iczelion (Sen-shoujo Iczelion)
Genres: Action, Adventure, Drama, Ecchi, Horror, Mecha, Sci-Fi, Shoujo Ai, Space, Yuri
Episodes: 11 Episodes

Status: Finished

<b>This is all three OVA series in the order they were released:
Tatakae!! Iczer-1 (1985)
Bouken! Iczer 3 (1990)
Iczer-Girl Iczelion (1995)</b>

<b>Tatakae!! Iczer-1:</b>
Nagisa is a typical schoolgirl: Waking up late, rushing off to school, and meeting up with friends on the way. One morning Nagisa comes across a woman dressed in a strange skin-tight uniform, who seems to be staring at her — unnerving Nagisa.

Later that day, while in class looking out of the window, Nagisa becomes aware of a ball bouncing by itself, to then suddenly fling itself towards her window seat, shattering the glass, yet not harming her. Turning back to the front of the now empty classroom, she is surprised by an alien gaping mouth bristling with teeth, only inches away from her face. She screams, and the world returns to normal with her still standing. Nagisa is the centre of attention — with everyone wondering why she screamed?

<b>Bouken! Iczer 3:</b>
In deep space a battle wages between the forces of good and evil and the fate of the Earth hangs in the balance.

The evil Neos Gold dispatches her invading forces towards Earth with only one aim: the total destruction of all mankind. Now it's up to Iczer 3 - the younger sister of Iczer 1 - to defend the Earth from the deadly armada of Neos Gold, with only the Earth's single remaining battle cruiser on her side. But don't count her out - what Iczer 3 lacks in experience she makes up for in all-out enthusiasm.

<b>Iczer-Girl Iczelion:</b>
* The final entry in the Iczer series, which originated from a manga story in the Lemon People magazine.

Kai Nagisa, a normal high school girl who wishes to one day become a professional wrestler, is suddenly approached by a robot known as an Iczel. Iczel urges her to help save the Earth from invading aliens called Geas. The Geas, led by Chaos and Cross, are bent on stripping Earth's resources and then destroying it. To fight the invaders, Nagisa must merge with Iczel and become a battle-suited warrior named Iczelion. She is reluctant to take up this sudden unbelievable task and fight with the other Iczelions of Earth because Nagisa just wants to live a normal life without having such big responsibilities. Nagisa must overcome her fears and fight, together with other Iczelions, to prevent the invading alien forces from destroying their homeplanet, Earth.

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