Hamtaro Episodes

Alternative Titles:
Hamtaro - Kleine Hamsters, Grote Avonturen (Dutch)
Hamtaro - Pequenos Hamsters, Grandes Aventuras (Portuguese)
Hamtaro - Petits Hamsters, Grandes Aventures (French)
Hamtaro - Piccoli criceti, grandi avventure (Italian)
Hamtaro – wielkie przygody małych chomików (Polish)
Hamtaro, pequeños hámsters, grandes aventuras (Spanish)
Tottoko Hamutaro (Japanese)
Genres: Comedy, Kids
Episodes: 80 Episodes

Status: Finished
Airing Date: Jul 07, 2000

5th-grader Laura Haruna owns a hamster, and his name is Hamtaro. After moving into a new town, Hamtaro finds that he's in the company of lots of different hamsters, making up a group of hamster friends that go on crazy adventures through the city. Before they save Laura and other humans from nasty predicaments, however, they have to learn how to save themselves.

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