Getter Robo Episodes

Alternative Titles:
Getta Robo
Space Robot
Getter Robo G
Getta Robo G
Japanese: ゲッターロボG
Related Anime:
Alternative version: Getter Robo: Armageddon, New Getter Robo, Getter Robo Go
Sequel: Getter Robo G
Side story: Getter Robo (Movie)

Genres: Action, Comedy, Demons, Drama, Mecha, Sci-Fi, Shounen, Supernatural
Episodes: 90 Episodes

Status: Finished
Airing Date: Apr 04, 1974

Getter Robo:
From deep within the Earth's surface, the Dinosaur Kingdom make their move to wipe out mankind and conquer the planet with their mechanical dinosaurs. After a prototype Getter Robo is shot down by a mechanical dinosaur, the Saotome Research Institute decides to use the real Getter Robo, which is combat-capable. Due to a lack of pilots in the institute, Ryo Nagare goes to his college to persuade martial artist Musashi Tomoe and outcast Hayato Jin to join him and pilot the Getter Machines to combat the new threat and protect mankind.

Getter Robo G:
Takes place after the final defeat of the Dinosaur Empire and the death of Musashi Tomoe in the original Getter Robo series.
Dr. Saotome, creator of Getter Robo, fears that the peace the Getter Robo team has won will be short lived and that an even greater enemies would appear. Dr. Saotome's fears are justified when the militaristic Hyakki (or "Hundred demons") Empire appears, but Dr. Saotome is prepared with the creation of an even more powerful Getter Robo, Getter Robo G and a new Getter Robo base. Also with Musashi Tomoe dead, Dr. Saotome needs a third pilot which he finds in baseball player


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