Gall Force Episodes

Alternative Titles:
Gall Force Eternal Story
Gall Force 2 Destruction
ガルフォース2 ディストラクション
Gall Force 3 Stardust War
ガルフォース3 スターダスト・ウォー
Rhea Gall Force
Gall Force: Earth Chapter
Gall Force: Chikyuu Shou
Gall Force: New Era
Gall Force: Shin Seiki Hen
Gall Force: The Revolution
Ten Little Gall Force
Super Deformed Double Feature
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Gall Force: New Era (OAV) (sequel)
Gall Force: The Revolution (OAV) (remake)
Ten Little Gall Force (OAV) (Parody)
Genres: Action, Adventure, Mecha, Military, Sci-Fi, Seinen, Space
Episodes: 14 Episodes

Status: Finished
Airing Date: Jul 28, 1986

Gall Force Eternal Story:
Two advanced civilizations, the Paranoids (a race of alien humanoids) and the Solenoids (who are all women) have been waging a war for centuries. Barely surviving a large scale space battle, seven Solnoids set course toward Chaos, a planet set to be the new homeland for their race. A malfunction during the light speed journey makes their ship jump ahead of their fleet forcing them to encounter several problems on their own.

Gall Force 2 Destruction:
Lufy, discovered floating lifeless in space, is brought on board a Solnoid cruiser and given another chance at life. Once the hardened warrior, she is shown events that shake her faith (one's own death seems to have a way of changing one's philosophy) and lessening her power as a fighter just as that power is most needed!

Gall Force 3 Stardust War:
The girls are saved ... by none other than Catty Nebulart herself! Now, the race is on as Catty struggles to complete her crowning achievement: a huge machine that will bring life to a lifeless world!

Rhea Gall Force:
In the year 2085, a scientist resurrected bloodthirsty alien machines and brought about the end of civilization. Now, one woman must rise to fight this inexorable army, to unite humanity and regroup to Mars, where humanity will make one last stand.

Gall Force: Earth Chapter:
After the completion of Operation Exodus,the Earth-based forces must survive long enough for the Mars re-inforcements. During this time, Sandy Newman and her squad face a challenge to their military training in the form of a quasi-religious group called Geo Chris which endeavours to make the Earth green once more. Unknown to them, the plans Mars have drawn up will kill the machine.

Gall Force: New Era:
200 years after the events of Earth Chapter, the Earth is rebuilding and recovering. Foreseeing the return of a villain from the past, Catty pulls together the descendants of the heroes of Gallforce to escape the destruction that engulfs the Solar System.

Gall Force: The Revolution:
East Force meets West Force and all Hell breaks loose. The Solonoids, that lovable race of female warriors, are at it again, fighting amongst themselves. During a heated battle, however, it looks like the leaders of the two factions have hung their warriors out to dry. In the middle of all this fighting and chaos, East Force detects a transmission from an unidentified planet. The Gall Force gals leave their posts to go. Lufy, the West Force's Ace Pilot, who is after Rabby, follows them to the planet.

Ten Little Gall Force:
A very funny Chibi parody that's worth watching.

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