Galactik Football S3 Episodes

Episodes: 26 Episodes

Status: Finished
Airing Date: Jul 05, 2010

Galactik (sic) Football, is a French produced animated series that mixes conventional 2D animation with 3D motion-capture. Think The Mighty Ducks in space, but not THAT The Mighty Ducks in space.

The story centres around a group of misfit teenagers recruited by veteran footballer Aarch, to play in the Galactik Football Cup. His new team, The Snow Kids, must face off against a host of magically endowed alien teams and more teen angst then you can shake a stick at if they are to have any hope of advancing in the competition.

Notable because while the team is often surrounded by intergalactic conspiracy, corporate evil and the occasional off-screen genocide, the the Snow Kids are usually mostly unaware of the grand space opera brewing around them and are more concerned with team squabbles and perfecting their dribbling then they are with the evil conspiracy out to get them.

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