Dragon Flyz Episodes

Genres: Action, Adventure
Episodes: 26 Episodes

Status: Finished

Set in the 41st Century, wherein the continents have been ravaged by an event called simply 'The Cataclysm', the backstory chronicles the adventures of dragon-riders who are either human or of a reptilian, mutant race, who constantly conflict with each other for control of the Earth. The leading protagonists are four siblings who are foremost among humanity's dragonators; the chief antagonist is the mutant Dread Wing, who desires to destroy them and conquer the airborne city wherein they live. The battle occurs in the skies above a largely inhospitable, devastated planet whose pollution led to the evolution of the mutant races. The surface of 'Old Earth', as it is generally known, is therefore either heavily volcanic or completely barren, and as such essentially uninhabitable. Rivers of lava flow freely over the surface; some are inhabited by animals who have adapted to the unusual environment. The remaining human population now dwells in a giant floating city known as 'Airlandis'. Dragonators regularly travel to the surface below to retrieve the fuel of its operation; the large, egg-shaped, purple crystals strangely named 'Amber'. Amber crystals are usually found in close proximity to lava pools, though they may be dug directly out of the ground.

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