Di Ling Qu Episodes

Alternative Titles:
The Immortal Legend
Genres: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Historical, Martial Arts, Mystery
Episodes: 8 Episodes

Status: Ongoing
Airing Date: Sep 19, 2017

No fuckin clue... Best or only description I could find, which I'm guessing is machine translation, sorry:

National people in the sixth year, the month of Dinh Mui, the day of the Cat (July 12, 1917). At night, the tide rose from the sea, and in the night, the sky and the moon all went down to the sea, and the monument appeared everywhere. At that time in the city, blind dust and smoke, houses collapsed, hundreds of thousands of living beings fell into great misery.
- The Three Kingdoms fought the world - Zhang, Han, Cao because to save sentient beings, to join forces to unravel the phenomenon, the hidden journey of a great mystery, a terrible danger that can shake transform the destiny of long-circuit Hoa Ha.

- Truong Gia Quyen - Truong Thien Khai, the nature of good and compassionate life, taking on the great meaning of the family, studying Long Lan mysteries, two sides of difficult relationship to remove and natural disasters.

Because in order to rescue hundreds of thousands of sentient beings from the heat of fire and burn, to resolve the danger of the collapse of Huaxia, Thien Khai led the platoon to experience the same danger, eventually defending Lan.
Lau Lan - a place that had been depleted for thousands of years, has a large tomb of Thien-shaped characters, in the grave of unpredictable dangers, Thien Khai and the youngest platoon of births.

All over the sea, there are abnormalities, graves of the word Thien in Lau Lan, what are these two things to the extreme?
The story of a formal thousand-year road slowly opened.

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