Danny Phantom Episodes

Genres: Action, Adventure
Episodes: 49 Episodes

Status: Finished
Airing Date: Apr 03, 2004

Danny Phantom was conceived by Butch Hartman as a response to Nickelodeon's then desire for a "boy's action show" during February, 2001. He settled on making the main hero a 14-year-old teenage boy to expand on opportunities his other leading character, Timmy Turner (Fairly Oddparents), cannot express. The original premise was entitled "Danny Phantom and the Specter Detectors" where normal teenager Danny would combat ghosts with superpowered sidekicks. Hartman presented his idea to Nickelodeon executives Albie Hecht and Kevin Kay on October, 2001, selling a pilot for the series on the same night. Kevin Kay claimed they had intentions to say "yes" to anything Hartman would have proposed.

Stephen Silver, Bob Boyle, and Shannon Tendall were hired as lead artists. Steve Marmel remained the head writer for the first two seasons. Guy Moon composed the music. Danny Phantom's beginning bass beat was inspired by Queen's "The Invisible Man" and has been rewritten twice to explain the origin of his super powers on request by the executives. Butch Hartman describes the series as a little bit like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Ghostbusters.

The first season premiered in April. 3, 2004 with twenty episodes. The second aired on June 24, 2005 with another twenty, and the third and final season on October. 9, 2006, airing the sixth episode out of Season Three for promotional purposes

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