Cutie Honey Universe Dubbed Episodes

Alternative Titles:
Cutey Honey Universe Dubbed
Cutie Honey Universe Dubbed
Super Sexbot Dubbed
Related Anime:
Cutey Honey
Re: Cutey Honey
Cutey Honey F
Shin Cutey Honey
Cutey Honey Flash: The Movie
Genres: Action, Comedy, Drama, Magic, Romance, Sci-Fi, Shoujo, Super Power
Episodes: 12 Episodes

Status: Finished
Airing Date: Apr 08, 2018

Kisaragi Honey is an amazingly humanlike and fashion conscious android with the unique ability to transform her body into a wide range of outrageous yet stylish disguises, each of which comes with its own dazzling super ability. After a run-in with a sinister secret criminal cabal organization, Panther Claw, the luscious and law-abiding Honey makes it her mission to bring them down.

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