Birdy the Mighty Decode Dubbed Episodes

Alternative Titles:
Tetsuwan Birdy Decode Dubbed
鉄腕バーディーDECODE Dubbed
Birdy the Mighty Decode:02 Dubbed
Genres: Action, Comedy, Gender Bender, Sci-Fi
Episodes: 30 Episodes

Status: Finished
Airing Date: Jul 04, 2008

Tsutomu Senkawa is an average high school kid who is busy studying for his senior entrance exams. Tsutomu goes out for some fresh air, after a hard day's work studying for a big test, when he runs into a guy fleeing from a pretty young lady. The pursued man is actually an interplanetary criminal on the run from a Federation agent called Birdy Cephon Altera. Caught in the midst of this chase, Tsutomu gets thrown by the man at Birdy, which kills Tsutomu. Fortunately for Tsutomu, there is a way to keep him alive, although it comes at the price of discarding his body. He ends up merged into Birdy's body.

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