Akage no Anne Episodes

Alternative Titles:
Anne of Green Gables
Ana de las Tejas Verdes (Spanish)
Ana dos Cabelos Ruivos (Portuguese)
Ania z Zielonego Wzgórza (Polish)
Anna dai capelli rossi (Italian)
Anne aux cheveux roux (French)
Anne la maison aux pignons verts (French)
Anne mit den roten Haaren (German)
Anne the Redhead
Anne van het Groene Huis (Dutch)
شما في البراري (Arabic)
清秀佳人 (Chinese (Taiwan))
赤毛のアン (Japanese)
Genres: Drama, Slice of Life
Episodes: 50 Episodes

Status: Finished
Airing Date: Jan 07, 1979

Anne is an orphan full of imagination. When she arrives at her new home she’ll understand that, sometimes, you’ve to be a sensible person too, but her unique character will change, or at least attract the people around her. The story covers Anne’s growth from about eleven to seventeen years old, while she makes friends, goes to school and studies to fulfil her dream. At a difficult point in her life, Anne will have to take a hard choice, but at the end she’ll be able to find a new dream.
Born of the pen of the Canadian writer L.M. Montgomery, the little red-haired orphan comes to life in this anime, based on the first book in the long Anne series. Nobody has ever wanted her in her long and lonely 11-year-old life... until this dream comes true and she is going to have a wonderful home in Green Gables on Prince Edward Island with Marilla and Mathew Cuthbert. But all turns too good to be true - it was just a mistake; the Cuthberts have "ordered a boy" from the orphanage and have no need for a girl. And yet, soon Marilla and Matthew discover that they cannot live without this lively imaginative chatterbox. Green Gables becomes her home; Diana - the best "bosom friend" any girl ever dreamed of; Gilbert - the hated but never-despairing boy in love... Friends, dreams and school, scrapes and funny accidents, laughter and tears, tragedies and achievements - fill Anne's life as she goes on her road of growing up.

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