Ajin Movies and OVA Episodes

Alternative Titles:
Ajin: Demi-Human
Ajin Demihuman
Ajin: Demi-Human - Compel
亜人 第1部「衝動」
Related Anime:
Ajin (Alternate version TV series)
Genres: Action, Adventure, Horror, Mystery, Seinen, Supernatural
Episodes: 5 Episodes

Status: Finished
Airing Date: Nov 27, 2015

This will be a 3 Movie Compilation of the Ajin Story and an OVA released with with the limited edition of the manga's eighth compiled book volume.
Ajin Part 1: Shoudou
Ajin Part 2: Shoutotsu
Ajin Part 3: (TBA)
Ajin OVA

For high schooler Kei—and for at least forty-six others—immortality comes as the nastiest surprise ever.

Sadly for Kei, such a feat doesn't make him a superhero. In the eyes of both the general public and governments, he's a rare specimen who needs to be hunted down and handed over to scientists to be experimented on for life—a demi-human who must die a thousand deaths for the benefit of humanity.

Ajin are humans that cannot die. Seventeen years ago, they first appeared on a battlefield in Africa. From then on, more of their kind are discovered within the human society. Their rarity in appearance means that, for experimental purposes, the government will generously reward anyone who captures one. In the present day, for what a certain high school student expects to be a typical summer holiday, his life is about to turn unexpected...

The Ajin TV series can be found here: http://anilinkz.tv/series/ajin

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