Those that are experiencing Virus/Malware Problems, please read on...

It seems that the makaveli-board malware can be cleaned by clearing all your cookies and would also help if you clear all your browser history.

If you visit the link above, google already declared the site as "not suspicious" as I have fixed the problem which was caused by "Rouge Ads"

If you are still getting the "Malware Alert" like this, just click the "Proceed Anyway" link.

If you are experiencing other issues not the same as the image above, can you please send a screenshot of what you're seeing to [email protected]. Might be virus reports, what page you're in, what you're seeing, etc. every detail counts. Also included what page (URL) of AniWatcher did you visit when you experienced the attack.

Also, for a better, safer and faster browsing experience (not just on AniWatcher but for the whole web), I suggest that you use Google Chrome for your browser. I was once a Firefox fan but then realized that Firefox has so many security exploits and is a Memory Hag which eats up all your memory causing your PC to lag.

And I suggest that you use (or install over your current antivirus) AVG Free. I've been using it for almost 8 years now and have not had problems with viruses/malwares getting through.

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