Chat Rules

Advertising KEEP IT PG-13.

This rule includes, but is not limited to the following:

Sexual ContentAlcohol and Drugs:
Cursing/Vulgar Context
  • While we allow the use of profanities or curse words, excessive use is not allowed.
  • Using curse words against anyone here or to verbally abuse anyone here is flaming by definition and as such is not allowed.
  • ANY kind of vulgar or offensive flaming and/or trolling of others here is forbidden.
  • Posts/Images/Videos containing Racism, Anti-Nationality (e.g. [insert country name] SUX), Anti-Theological (e.g. [insert religion name here] SUX) and other hate topics are all prohibited.

  • Post/Image/Video containing rough/extreme violence will is prohibited ie., an image of a person beating a cat over the head with a hammer or someone stabbing/shooting someone else in graphic detail or describing such things in needlessly graphic detail.
  • Image/Post/Video about the aftermath of violence are allowed in certain cases if not overly grotesque or detailed.

Staff Function
  • Final judgement of the aforementioned rules as well as chatters genera behavior are things left up to observing staff members or mods.
  • Violations can have as consequences ranging from a warning if the mod wishes to do so out of courtesy and/or a ban that can range from a few hours all the way to a couple months or permanently banned depending on number of violations and/or severity of violation(s).
  • Staff judgement is absolute and NOT DEBATABLE.
  • Arguing with mods is strictly forbidden!
  • If you would like to discuss or contest a decision, bring it to the mod in PMs or to a head mod.
  • Mods are not to interfere with other mods' bans (lifting bans that are not yours is grounds for demodding) unless the banning mod has been gone for significant amount of time ( at least a few days or a week) and if a mod wants to lift another mod's ban, they need to be given approval by a head mod!
  • If a mod will be gone for more than a few days, please clear your bans and inform a head mod of your absence.
  • Mods do NOT poof other mods. If they do something wrong, inform them in a PM and if they do something really wrong, screenshot it first, then poof it and inform a head mod of the violation.

Mods KEEP track of your Member bans. Check your bans all the time. Member bans ARE your responsibility! Anons can be cleared by any mod, but must be at least 2 weeks old to be cleared by any mod other than the banning mod!

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